Dick's Good Wood

Creating in wood what you create in your imagination.
Now, these carvings are just for fun, but it could be more than that. For example, if your spouse has a very special hobby or activity that people know them by, we could create a special, one-of-a-kind momento for them..... A perfect birthday, anniversary, or just plain I-love-you gift.

If any of the examples on this page make you think of someone special, why not let them know how you feel by having something made just for them. Just send me your idea and let's put something together.

To purchase carvings, please go to my ETSY site (www.dicksgoodwood.etsy.com) or, if you prefer, just email me to discuss specific details of anything you would like created.

God Bless,

Dick (Email: rkent000@yahoo.com)

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